An Urgent Request against Japanese Government for Withdrawing
the Substantial Support for U.S. Attack on Iraq

Teiichi Aoyama
Environmental Research
Institute, Tokyo
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copyright ARSHAD ULLAH,Ph.D.

It is clear from the past human beings' history and experience that a military power attack does not become problem solution at all. The Japanese should know this best.

Countries of EU including the UN Security Council major powers, such as Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, and China, are asking for continuation of the inspection for mass-destruction weapon abandonment strongly.

There was also an anti-Iraq attack demonstration with 60 nations of the worlds, such as New York, London, Paris, and Berlin. The participants have exceeded 10 million people by 400 places on this February 15. Also in the United States, the antiwar demonstration and meeting which are equal at the time of the Vietnam War were held from New York in East Coast to Los Angeles in West Coast in the United States about 150 city.It was reported that more than 380,000 citizen has participated in NewYork Manhattan. The opinion poll of each country has also expressedstrong will with 70 - 80% of opposite to the military power attack byU.S. without justification.

Under the surge of such international anti-war / non-war movement, the Japanese government has decided to support the Iraq attack by U.S. substantially. We cannot support this Japanese Government decision which does not consider the international consensus toward peace. We have to say that to support U.S. for attack on Iraque is logically wrong as a state which abandoned solution of the international disputes by military power in the Constitution.
Yes, it is true that Japan is the ally of the U.S. However, even the main allies in the U.S., such as Germany and France, criticize clearly and logically in NATO or the UN Security Council about the Iraq attack by U.S., and are insisting the effectiveness and the necessity of the continuation of UN inspection.

The Japanese government pointed out repeatedly that Iraq has not observed the U.N. resolution, however, on the other hand, the JapaneseGovernment is overlooking that Israel has not comply with the UN Security Council Resolution more than 60 affairs.

As for the nuclear development promblem of North Korea, the Japanese government is saying that the way of nonmilitary solution should be chosen. However, at the same time, they are saying that "Supporting the Iraq attack by US is essential for Japan that we have to depend upon U.S. (military power) against the threat of North Korea".

The two different attitude of Japanese government tell clearly that the Japanese government is following in footsteps of a U.S. double standard policies, having no consistency, either, and are very illogical.

Furthermore, the International Criminal Court (ICC) establishment treaty was concluded in July, last year, and the international judicial system about war crimes was established. U.N.Secretary General Kofi Annan has described about this International Criminal Court as follows. That is, it is that at least the (International Criminal Court) promises to offer the place where the international law system of the standing court which judges the serious crime to international society and war crimes to genocide and humanity, which we had lost for a long time.

However, the U.S. Bush Administration expressed secession from this system. Theferore, we cannot judge internationally the war crimes which is going to be performed by U.S.Forces soldier in Iraq .

If the U.S. government does not show any intention to ratifies the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty, either, Japan supports an attack of the U.S. Forces, cannot but tolerate that the regulation about war of today's international level is not applied. This means Japan cannot but say that it may become the complicity of the war crimes which may break out in Iraq.

Furthermore, the U.S.Secretary of Defense has declared that there may also be use of nuclear weapons depending on a situation. It is a crime if the Japanese government does support the U.S. Forces without any efforts of stopping such folly.

At the same time, it is well know facts that the Bush Administration has broken various important international campaign pledges one after anaother such as the Kyoto Protocol for global warming prevention, and a nuclear test complete prohibition treaty (CTBT), the U.S.-Russia anti-ballistic missile restriction treaty (ABM) etc.

Anyway, for the solution of the Iraq problem under the nonmilitary means in the thorough inspection by the United Nations, should be the best way which a reasonable state should choose.

The initiative military attack on Iraq without no justification by a super military power of U.S. owned 10,600 nuclear warheads, has a military base in 30 nations of the world, and nearly 50% of the war expenditure in the world, will kills and wounds citizens, such as innocent innumerable children, and leaves big ruins to the world not only destroys environment, but also give irretrievable damge to the 21st century.

Although the Japanese government has followed in U.S.'s footsteps for alomost anything, Iraq and Japan do not have a hostile relation from the first in any way. It does not become national interest of Japan to admit and support the Iraq attack substantially, either.

It is no doubt that Support of Japan to the war act by the U.S. is a mistake absolutely.

Japan should have duty and responsibility as an ally of U.S. to persuade U.S. government not to start war on Iraq.

I ask you sincerely to make you, the Diet member of the thoughtful House of Representatives and the House of Councilors, to stop the Japanese government of support or admission of the Iraq attacks by the U.S.